Urgent Care and Walk-Ins

Urgent Care located in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO
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Urgent Care and Walk-Ins services offered in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Urgent care and walk-ins make it convenient to deal with issues like upper respiratory conditions, COVID-19, and minor injuries. At Urgent CareX in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, the experienced urgent care and walk-in specialists provide professional, compassionate, and highly efficient medical care personalized for you. Call the office nearest to you or book your appointment online today. 

Urgent Care and Walk-Ins Q&A

What are urgent care and walk-ins?

Urgent care and walk-ins refer to easy-access medical care at Urgent CareX. You can get urgent care and walk-in appointments for situations that require fast medical attention, skipping the long waits and chaotic atmosphere of the emergency room. 

Urgent care and walk-ins are also considerably more wallet-friendly than spending hours (or even a whole day) in an emergency room setting. 

How are urgent care and walk-ins different?

Urgent care and walk-ins are similar in some ways, and the two also intersect at Urgent CareX.

Urgent care

Urgent care is medical care when you need it quickly. You can come in for urgent care for any kind of pressing medical situation, such as lacerations, minor burns, minor fractures, sprains, strains, and other types of minor injuries. 

Walk-in care

Walk-in care simply means medical care without an appointment. There are many reasons you might need walk-in care, such as upper respiratory conditions like sinus infections and laryngitis. 

In general, urgent care deals with more threatening health circumstances than walk-in care, but walk-in care still respects the fact that you need relief for your symptoms quickly. In many cases, you can simply walk into the office for urgent care, which means that urgent care is sometimes also walk-in care.

Neither urgent care or walk-in care is for life-threatening emergencies. In that situation, head to the nearest emergency room.

How does the urgent care and walk-ins process work?

Whether you need injury care or treatment for an acute illness, Urgent CareX can help. When you experience an injury or need quick help for an illness or new symptoms, it’s best to reach out to the office nearest to you as soon as possible. 

If you need to get to the office immediately, you can simply head towards the practice right away. But, it helps the staff if you call and let them know you’re on the way. 

At Urgent CareX, the professional and compassionate providers offer efficient care in two convenient locations in Denver and Colorado Springs. If you need urgent or walk-in care, call the office nearest you or use the online scheduling link to arrange your visit now.